The Right Space

I’ve been a professional photographer for just over two years, but am on my third studio space.  I know, I know…  How does that even happen.  I hear you.

My first studio space was a lovely old classroom on the third floor of the Community Center in Clear Lake, Wisconsin.  It used to be my High School Algebra classroom.  It was inexpensive, so when I told my husband that I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the leap, he urged me to do so.  I guess he saw something in me that I didn’t at the time.  (And I’ll be honest; the idea of making art in my old algebra room felt an awful lot like providence.  I hated algebra.)

When summer came and my clients were sweating due to the lack of no AC, were having to go out into the hallway and down the stairs to use the public restrooms, and after deciding that lugging photography equipment up and down six flights of stairs was a little much, I found another space two blocks from my home, in Clayton.  It was small, but it had its own bathroom, office, and storage.  I made it work, and I adored my landlady.

But when the opportunity came to lease a space that was three times the size of my current studio and was located back in my home town in a Main Street storefront, I jumped at it.  So here I am.  Moving for the third time.

As it turns out, third time’s a charm.  Tonight, I finally got to ‘play’ in my new studio after weeks of painting, putting up walls, and organizing.  With my trusty Goldendoodle Sammy by my side, I enjoyed an evening of bliss shooting in my new space.  And I am in love.

They say that when you have the right tools you can do any job, and I believe that to be true.   For a creative soul, there is nothing more freeing and inspiring than creating in a space that was meant just for you.

I am home.


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